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Wedding decoration in green

Wedding decoration in green brings that freshness and creates that atmosphere filled with elegance. You can go through our gallery and check our wedding decoration in green.

Organization, Decoration and Coordination Alfa Luxury Events

Locations: St. Sofia – Golf Club, HILTON Sofia

Are you dreaming about that Perfect Wedding Day, surrounded by smiles…

If you want a combination of perfect organizing and a professional team…

You love stylish and exciting decorations…

Wedding Agency Alfa Luxury Events

Everything for your unforgettable wedding all under one roof. Glamour in the form of dreams coming true, style and perfection to the slightest of details. We bring the art of creativity and personalizing an event and we constantly keep improving in order to make every single experience unforgettable.

You don’t know where to start?

You haven’t got the time to look around, search and choose your invitations, gifts and your wedding box for your rings, but you want it all to follow the same style and fir your decoration as well…

A Wedding Planner is needed!

Embrace your wedding dream and give us a call. Trust professionals and let us and our team take care of everything! Don’t make the mistake to trust “an agency good enough” for your special day, rather choose the best in the business. We are the ones that will offer you professional execution from start to finish and will stay up all night, so you won’t have to. You deserve a wedding beyond your wildest dreams!

We’ve got all that you need. A huge variety of decoration and equipment is in stock. We keep growing our inventory and find new inspirations in all that surrounds us. We help our clients create incredible events that will surpass all expectations. Our personal approach will guarantee, that all weddings planned by us are truly meaningful and are also reflecting our customer’s personalities as a couple.

We are expecting you and can’t wait to work with you, in order to share the experience of planning and organizing the most important day of your life… Your wedding day!


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