Beach wedding. Say “I Do” on the beach

Say "I do" on the beach!

Wedding on the beach

Romance, charm, and breathless sights—that’s what a beach wedding is all about. We are talking about a glamorous celebration that combines the natural beauty of the beach with the happiness of marriage. Imagine how impactful it would be to say “I do” and have the natural beauty of the sea as your background and the sun shining upon you. Lately, we have had a lot of inquiries about a wedding in Greece. With breathtaking sights and countless beaches, it’s one of the top destinations for a wedding. We can help you choose the best location based on your expectations and transform it into reality with just a simple phone call. In this article, we have selected some amazing ideas for a beach wedding. Therefore, it’s time for a beach party!

Colors suitable for a beach wedding

Like other events, a beach wedding has a distinctive color palette that you can use accordingly. Soft, natural colors are the ones to choose from. Sand beige, ivory, or milk grey are the shades that emulate the natural colors of the beach. You can also think about the blue shades, like sky blue, aqua, and turquoise, which will emulate the sea horizon. For an even more stylish approach, add some mint or purple accents.

Color themes

Colors suitable for a beach wedding

Flowers suitable for a beach wedding

And the eternal question is: should you have flowers at a beach wedding? And the answer is yes or no. A beach wedding on its own is a spectacular choice. You can underline its beauty with appropriate floral arrangements. One such idea is tropical flowers. We can include tropical flowers like orchids, hibiscus, anthurium, and protea. If you want to go for a minimalist vision, an excellent choice is succulents, as they are resistant and can also withstand heat.

Fabrics and textures

Say “I Do” on the beach

Fabrics and textures suitable for a beach wedding

As far as fabrics are concerned, choose soft materials like linen, cotton, and gauze. Transparent fabrics like tulle or chiffon could also create the desired effect. Natural textures like jute or that will bring that rustic vision, which will also remind you of the beach.

Flowers suitable

Flowers suitable for a beach wedding

Beach wedding lighting

Romance, romance, and some more romance after that. Imagine thousands of tiny lamps glowing all over the entire wedding event. Lighting is a key factor when organizing a wedding, as far as aesthetics and functionality are concerned. To achieve good lighting, you can use nothing more than regular light bulbs. They will bring that “warmth” and romantic sparkle. Another idea is lanterns. Use lanterns of different sizes and styles to add some fine light to the entire wedding. Torches are another option. They will not only light up the area but also bring that tropic vibe. Candles could also be used in different ways. Place them inside decorative glass jars. To achieve an even more exotic atmosphere, start a fire in case that is allowed. A fire could be used as a gathering point for all the guests. Last but not least, use the natural lighting provided by the moon. Plan your beach wedding during the full moon phase, which in itself will create an even more romantic atmosphere.

Say I do on the beach

Wedding on the beach

Presents for the guests

This is where you can play with details. The presents for the guests could be from sea accessories, like sea shells or a starfish to things like candies. There are too many options to count them all. Another option is a necklace made out of sea shells. If you want to go all in, decorate the wedding with some tropical flowers and starfish.

Presents for the guests of a beach wedding

Presents suitable for the guests of a beach wedding during the summer

Candy bar on the beach

A candy bar for a beach wedding should look like a small beach bar. Prepare a vast selection of candies inspired by the beach. Create an area and decorate it with some sea shells and starfish in order to make it more attractive. Use some baskets and cages as decoration. Offer lemonade. Make some fresh lemonade with lots of ice. Offer cocktails. There’s nothing better than an icy cocktail in the warm weather. That will be the wedding that everybody will be talking about for a long, long time.

Candy bar

Candy bar for a beach wedding

Include some tropic aromas like coconuts, pineapples or mango. Use blue, turquoise and coral and implements them in your dishes. An idea just as good would be to offer some ice cream or fruits to your guests. We can offer you a variety of deserts and small cakes that the guests would love. Things like mini cup cakes, fruit tarts, fresh strawberries with chocolate, macaroni and many more. For the wedding cake, choose something to be remembered. Select sea colors and details…

Candies for a beach wedding

Candies for a beach wedding

Guest book

A guest book should be created in accordance with everything else. Having that in mind, we can offer you some glass decorations as well as some steel or wood accents. We have an idea for a wooden guest book with some gold details and white lanterns on the side.

Guest book and table for a beach party

Beast wishes box – table

Get the Party started

A beach party can’t be replaced by anything else. You just need to experience it. Combine torches, lanterns, and candles in order to create a romantic atmosphere on the beach. If you have selected a marine-oriented theme, include details like anchors, rope, and sea nods in the decoration. For a beach party, we offer some amazing compositions made out of sea shells, starfish, and corals. We can offer some amazing, colorful decorations for a tropical wedding made out of tropical flowers.

Beach party

Party on the beach

Wedding dress, accessories, hair style and bouquet

For more than 20 years no one can tell what is the best dress for a beach wedding. What we can advise you is to choose a wedding dress made out of light materials like chiffon, organza or silk. Embrace simplicity and stick with clear and basic designs. However, is that your dream dress? Is that what the bride has in mind? Wedding dresses without straps or with slim straps, spaghetti style, could be extremely appropriate in such cases. The same applies for wedding dresses with an open back. In regards to what shoes you should wear, consider having no shoes or some kind of sandals as this would be the most convenient way for you to move around on the beach. As for your hair style, go for waves or braids with some accessories like pearls. Choose your make up to be light and natural. And last but definitely not least, your bouquet. It should correspond with the decoration and the rest of the theme of the wedding.

Beach wedding. Say "I do" on the beach.

Wedding dress for the beach, accessories, hair style and bouquet

What are you waiting for ?

The last thing you can do, to elevate the whole experience even more, is to have fireworks or fire incorporated in the wedding celebration. Create an area for a photo shoot where your guests can take some pictures. Another option is to have a summer bar where you can offer cocktails, which your guests can enjoy after the sunset. To hire a DJ or a band is another amazing opportunity which will definitely move things around. They will make sure that the guests are dancing under the starts. Have the time to leave some sun cream, towels and some umbrellas in an area specially designed for the purpose. That would be appreciated by all attendees.

Beach wedding. Say "I do" on the beach.

Beach wedding preposition

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A beach wedding offers that amazing and unforgettable experience for the newlyweds and their guests. Combine the beauty of nature with your wedding, creating some extraordinary memories that will last for a lifetime. The magic of the beach will embrace the most important day of your life and the sea will witness your own love story!

Beach wedding. Say “I do” on the beach.

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