The most commonly asked question from prospective clients is mainly about what we actually do. Here are some ways a wedding planner in Bulgaria can help you. Each planner offers their own unique packages. It’s important to understand what your specific planner will and won’t do during the planning process.
At Alfa Events we plan elegant, stylish, glamorous and fun celebrations. We are the Luxury Wedding Planners for savvy, sophisticated couples who demand first class service and a world-class events. From weddings in Sofia and the Bulgaria to destination weddings in Europe and beyond, we strive to be the best at what we do.

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Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events will save you time

The Wedding Planning is a huge time investment, between 200-300 hours in fact and it can be stressful if project planning and management is not your forte. Alfa Events Wedding planners effectively give you back your time so you can focus on the more enjoyable elements of the wedding planning journey.

 Alfa Luxury Events can help you find your Venue

Bulgaria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Most couples who choose Bulgaria as a wedding destination focus only on the Black Sea coast, not knowing how amazing Bulgaria actually is. Yet the country offers so many diverse attractions and the list of best places to wedding in Bulgaria is really long. Wedding planners are adept location scouts who can work with your ideas to show you the best locations taking your vision, any cultural considerations and budget into account.

A Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events in Bulgaria will create your wedding plan

Wedding planners are excellent project managers and will create a planning timeline specific to your wedding so you know what is happening when. Often they will schedule your appointments where necessary so all you have to do is show up to the tastings or the fittings (the fun stuff) whilst we take care of the boring ‘wedmin’.

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A Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events can create and manage your budget

Professional wedding planners will agree that creating a realistic budget (and sticking to it) is one of the most important parts of ensuring a smooth planning journey. The benefit of having a planner is that we understand the market, we know what it costs to translate your vision into a wedding day reality and we can guide and advise you accurately throughout.

Alfa Luxury Events can save you money

Yes, you read that right. We often guide couples to make decisions that align with their priorities and offer suggestions on how best to allocate resources. We always have a conversation about wedding favors for example, couples like to spend money on these gestures that are often left on the table or thrown away at the end of the wedding. I always highlight where this money could be better spent – like food and drink, an area that will always add to the guest experience.

A Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events can do all the research

A planner can be your fixer. We draw from our extensive networks and also put in hours of research to find the right caterers, bands, DJs, florists, cake makers, lighting designers, production specialists to fit your style and budget. You may not know that we also take the time to review supplier contracts to ensure their terms are reasonable and aligned with the experience we are trying to give your family and friends.

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Alfa Luxury Events can take care of your Guestlist

Guestlist management is all part of a full planning service that is offered by professional wedding planners. It’s also one of the most time-consuming parts of wedding admin. To ensure you don’t have to respond to countless emails answering questions about parking, hotels and directions (even if you have clearly put the information on your wedding website ), wedding planners will take this stress from your plate.

A Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events can get the party started

Wedding planners bring great value in creating a wedding day timeline that will ensure a great flow for guests. The guest experience is a paramount consideration when we are planning a wedding. We always encourage our clients to have a few surprising and delightful touches to keep guests entertained, even if it’s just walking them to a different location to do drinks, or adding a wedding illustrator or unexpected entertainment act; little points of interest that guests will keep talking about for years to come when reminiscing about your big day.

A Wedding Planner Alfa Luxury Events will run the show

On the wedding day itself when your focus should be on you and the day ahead (rightly so) wedding planners are quietly bringing the months of planning together, like a symphony conductor. Managing the suppliers, the setup, keeping the flow of the day going to time, we handle last-minute emergencies, whilst soothing nerves and ensuring you enjoy your day.

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 Alfa Luxury Events will be your support

Ultimately you hire us to advocate for you in all things we do. We will listen, always give sound and objective advice and we never get bored of talking about your wedding!

If you’d like to hear more about working with a wedding planner in Bulgaria – Alfa Events, please get in touch . We would love to schedule a virtual coffee date and hear more about your wedding plans!

Are you also dreaming about that luxury wedding in Bulgaria? Count on us and we will organize the most beautiful wedding that you have ever attended – your own! Say your big “I do” with us, then relax an enjoy. Alfa Luxury Events – agency for luxury events and weddings here and abroad.

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